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Tax Calculator


Tax Calculator tool that explains salary deductions in Costa Rica.

up to ₡929,000.000%₡0.00
From ₡929,000.00 up to ₡1,363,000.0010%₡0.00
From ₡1,363,000.00 up to ₡2,392,000.0015%₡0.00
From ₡2,392,000.00 up to ₡4,783,000.0020%₡0.00
From ₡4,783,000.00 25%₡0.00
Gross Salary:₡0.00
Income Taxes:₡0.00
CCSS (10.67%):₡0.00
Total Deductions:₡0.00
Net Salary:₡0.00
Percentage Retained:0.00%

Important: All the information you enter in this app is completely confidential, so respecting your privacy, no data is stored or shared with others. The only purpose behind this tool is to make it easier and understandable the tax calculation on your salary on a monthly basis.

*Amounts valid from 01/01/2024 to 12/31/2024. Source.

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